Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Woman Abandons her Husband and 3 Children, Runaway With Another Man in Ogun state

One Chukwuemeka Mbah, has filed a divorce suit against his estranged wife before the Customary Court sitting in Ake, Abeokuta, Ogun State, for allegedly packing out of his house without his consent and eloping with her lover.

Mba claims his wife of eight years ran away from their matrimonial home without his knowledge and eloped with another man.

He, therefore, prayed the court to dissolve their marriage on the grounds that his wife left home without his consent, her uncaring attitude, lack of love, no giving him rest of mind, her irresponsibility as well as provocation from her.

Mbah also accused his run-away wife of illegally getting married to the other man with whom she eloped while abandoning their three children to him alone.

He also urged the court to stop his estranged wife from coming to his house and place of work to foment trouble or harass

He told the court,
“My wife ran away from home without my consent; she even left our three children with me.

She is not contented with everything I do for her and went to marry another man.

That is why I came to the court to divorce her.

“My wife is troublesome and I don’t want her again because she left me and my three children.

I am divorcing her on the grounds that she left home without my consent, her uncaring attitude, lack of love, no rest of mind, being irresponsible and provoking.”

But Mbah’s wife, Chidima, did not show up at the court to defend the claims of her husband against her.

The President of the court, Mrs. O. O Sam-Obaleye, therefore, adjourned the case to October 8 to give the estranged wife the opportunity to appear in the court to defend

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