Thursday, October 11, 2018

Man threatens to Dump His Church, After Finding out One of the Pastors is Gay in Lagos (Photos)

A die Hard church goer Named Chris Nwogu has vowed to dump his church Day Star, After he watch video of one of the preachers siding Gay. He event went as far as saying he will stop his family from attending the church..

See below!
''And @chudeity you supposed to be a Christian and comes to @daystarng and you are gay or supporting gay right, any other day @daystarng allows you come up to the pulpit to teach on anything that day I and family are done with daystar church, chude I'm highly dissapointed, I hope @thesamadeyemihears and take note. #Nigeria #nigerians#nigerianchurch #daystarng''

Meanwhile, some people think he's just an Hypocrite.

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