Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Actress Ufuoma McDermott Celebrates her Son Whom She Birth Through IVF After Failed Pregnancy (Photos)

Who else knew Nollywood actress Ufuoma DcDermott got a baby Through IVF?

Well, she just hinted on it, One her sons turned plus one today, and while celebrating him, she mother and wife to a whiteman, revealed she had him through IVF.

(Like when they combine sperm and eggs inside a laboratory dish to form a baby, She wasn't pregnant through sex.

Happy birthday to him, see her post below!

''My call to #Motherhood. My IVF baby. We seriously wanted twins but God decided it would be better for you to come first, then have a beautiful baby sister. You have been an absolute joy... ❤️💕... minus the time you talk too much, when you begin to ask incessant questions, when you hold on to the TV 📺 remote and refuse anyone else to touch it, when you barge into my room as if it’s yours, when they have to chase you round the house 🏠 to eat your 🥘 food, when you get upset with yourself for not hitting the tennis 🎾 ball hard enough, when you clean my saliva off your checks after kissing you... #HappyBirthday son. You have given me 6 years of unhindered joy. I love you too much. #BirthdayBoy#1010 #CompleteJoy #Smart #Witty#Intelligent''


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