Monday, July 9, 2018

Man Reveal The Shocking Thing a Lady Said to a Driver, After Robbers Attacked them in Enugu

A Twitter user who is lucky to be alive after experiencing a Robbery Attack, has revealed what a lady told their driver during the incident, According to Scotty they witnessed a robbery attack in Enugu, and while the driver was trying to reverse, The lady started shouting that he shouldn't..

Anyway read how he put her words below!

''I thank God for life cos my heartbeat skipped countless wasn't a funny experience! This incident happened after 9th mile...around 7:35 pm on 8 July 2018. The Govt shld do something about dat road..its very bad and a very conducive place for Robbers to rob travellers!
Speak for yourself, don't allow the voices to be louder than urs...they always claim to be fearless but when the tin happen, they will blame devil! Thanks to Army Men that came to our rescue! The armed robbers were over powered and dismissed!
Pls, you guys should be very careful when boarding a public transport....there are so many demons in human flesh that wants you to perish with them! They are always the ones that will shout at u for scolding a driver to drive carefully!
We scolded the driver to ignore them...the woman kept on shouting, she just wanted to see the robbery incident...she said that if God wanted us to die that we will die no matter what.....I was like, who are the "we"? that point, I was very mad and I lashed her.
A white sienna car in front of our bus alerted us and we made a fast U-turn...we ran back so that we can avert the robbery attack, only for a woman and a man (in unionism) shouting at the driver to go back that we are covered with the blood of Jesus.

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