Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Lady Who Was Diagnosed of Cancer at 23, Reveals how she Freezed her Eggs to Survived

 A beautiful lady who survived Cancer has shared how she made out of it alive, In a heartbreaking post she revealed that she had to even freeze her womb eggs, a section of her colon was removed too, still she made it alive, read her post below!

''I was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 23. I went through multiple surgeries, chemo and radiation treatments. I also had an ileostomy bag for almost a year on my stomach and had to freeze my eggs in case I wanted to have children in future. I also had a section of my colon removed but I survived! I'm so happy to have a 2nd chance at this beautiful thing called life. I'm grateful to God, my family, friends and my treatment team, who all stood by me till the finish line. - Jasmine, Stage 3 colon cancer survivor.

Congratulations Jazz.

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