Saturday, March 26, 2016

Model sues sugardaddy for dumping her for a tighter P*ssy..

 Don't let another person take you man, Sugar Daddy isn't exempted, if na lie ask Daniela Zahradnikova a Czech model 42,who is suing her sugar daddy named Henry Buhl for abandonment, after he woefully dumped her for a fresh tighter younger, and sexier woman.  The ex sugar daddy and sugar anty were both living together in his Soho apartment in New York since 2006 but not until  few months ago the retired banker, met another woman who is tighter than sugar anty...

Rihanna exposes her Rare irresistible legs in NYC

 Girl RiRi showed of her rare irresistible legs in New York City yesterday, with a smiley face she dressed simple and classy matching with sucks and footwear.. Single Ladies rock!

Ibinabo is not coming out soon, she will be jailed for second time, Cos' shes a Criminal- Emeka Ike

Nollywood Actor and new AGN president, Emeka Ike in a recent interview has Ibinabo who is already in jail for crushing  A doctor to death  is very far from been happy as shes a big time criminal and will be jailed for second time.. That so many people have tried to killed him but couldn't because his a righteous man..

Last Warning! El Rufai you will die in 14 days if you dont reverse anti-preaching law- Dr Chris Okafor

 Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El Rufai who was warned by Prophet Suleiman of Omega Ministries that he will die if he does not reverse the anti-preaching bill, has been given last warning by The founder Liberation City Church, Prophet, Dr. Chris Okafor as he was filled in the spirit last Sunday, March 20, 2016 to the extend he gave the last warning of 14 days to El Rufai that he should  reverse the impending Religious Bill which is expected to be passed any moment or face the Wrath of God. 

Adele to pause music in next 5yrs to focus on her Boyfriend and son..

Looks like Adele's pattern is hit and run, The Music duo has shown that family is always the first as she is planning to go off the music Industry for the next 5yrs, she did same thing 3yrs ago and came back last year with her latest album 25, which she has performed 105 shows across Europe and North America and became the best selling album 2015.. According to the sun her reason is to focus on her 3yr old son and boyfriend Simon Konecki.
A Close source says;

Mercy and Husband looks Happy in new matching outfit

Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson shared photos of she and her husband on matching outfit as they steps out for an event.. She captioned with, 'Off to an event with ma boyfriend and hubby. love is wantintin lol' More photos below.. They always look happy! No quarrels?

Nicki Minaj Slaps one her Securities on stage for chatting on phone

Nicki Minaj was on stage in Dubai on Friday night and it didn't go well with one her security Guard after she caught him chatting on phone, and guess what she did? she paused her song, slapped and threw threw his phone to the ground and then carried on with the song. Nicki fans have since flooded social media with their views on the incident, some says its her right while some condemned it.. What do you say? 

I knew Mikel Obi will be captain- Father

Father of Football star Mikel Obi, Pam Michael Obi in a recent interview in Jos has said that he always knew his son as a leader..That Mikel has always been suggested to captain the team but declined repeatedly..

Woman arrested for having Anal s*x with two dogs

 Police has arrested a woman named Hannah Marie Haines 22, from Georgia, USA after she deliberately shared a video of having her Anus f*ucked by a sausage dog..

The news spread Earlier this week after her friend reported a film of her Haynes having oral sex with two dogs.She has been charged with anal intercourse. she has since then been released on  $5,000 bond.. 

Kiss Daniel's real age confirmed.. And his older than 27

There have been arguments about his real age but the singer in a recently confirmed in an interview that he was born in 1987, also a graduate of  Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta.. he baby baby decieved us all.. see below

See throwback photo of Cynthia Morgan 14yrs ago

She really changed.. see below..

"I will never marry a Nigerian man whose mum is alive.- Sisi Cynthia

Sisi says she can only marry a Nigerian man whose mum is dead... Maybe her grandmother died before her mum met her dad.. mtcheew.. read message below and blast..

Daniella Okeke shares goddess photos to celebrate birthday ...

Daniella Okeke is plus 1 today.. happy birthday to her..

Meet the model that has natural breast that is way bigger than Kim Kardashian

0325_fish_launch_pelasInstagram model Lindsey Pelas is said to be way bigger and larger than Kim Kardashian, not just that its natural..she has one of the all-natural 32DDD breasts, and no, it's not even just because she's got such huge knockers. Check out the video filmed by Cosmopolitan and feed your eyes with excess natural boobs..
watch here

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom celebrates Good Friday together

Khloe Kardashian helping Lamar Odom regain himself  is turning something else, they celebrated good friday together..The weirdly-married couple hit up Ruth's Chris Steakhouse Friday in Woodland Hills, not too far from their Calabasas homes.

They left early, probably because Lamar's still on the mend after nearly dying last year.
Khloe has made it her mission to help nurse Lamar back to health.  A steak soaked in butter definitely cures what ails you.

See what this girl wore to service

No words! complete me..

Apple to Start Apple TV series

apple headquarters

Apple’s plans for its first original TV show 
House of Cards-style project.. but its isnt going as planned. Instead, it’s working on an unscripted TV series about apps and app developers.

See how some Nigerians were spotted watching yesterday's match

No matter what Nigerians turned out in massive to show support for Super Eagles during yesterday match between Super Eagles and The Pharaohs of Egypt which ended in 1-1 draw.. The crowd was so much that many people used all available means to watch, so even climbed house roofs..

Kim Kardashian with her irresistible body stuns in Carlifornia

The nude Goddess always looking smart and sexy was spotted in LA, California... Probably doing one or two things.. Are u seeing that die hard photographer?..

What did Jacob Zuma mean by crossing his fingers..

Most people thinks he saying he love Nigerian girl's .... To you what do you think hes saying?

See what this guy did to his hair..

Maybe Nepa took the light.. If not, ehen eeehh.. And what is that woman by the right saying sef..? You want us to copy your hairstyle.. Mbonk e no go work.. Are you a footballer?

Come See oh! what is wrong with this guy?

Is he under pressure? Abeg no kill youself.. iya..
Source: @Lammiblaq/twitter

Muslim man stabbed to death by fellow muslim for wishing Christians ''happy Easter''

Muslim shopkeeper stabbed to death after posting Easter message on Facebook
A 40yr old  Pakistani shopkeeper named Asad Shah who is popular around his area was stabbed to death by another Muslim in a “religiously prejudiced” after posting an Easter message on Facebook to his beloved Christian nation”.

See inside the prison cage they put Adam Johnson

Adam Johnson who was sentence to 6yrs in jail 2days ago for sexually read it here grooming a 15yr old girl  will suffer terribly in prison starting from his designers wardrobe that will be swapped for six plain jumpers and polo shirts, four sets of pants, two pairs of trainers, a beanie hat, gloves and a fleece, plus socks, underpants and night-wear.

Identical twin who is dating one man says they s*x same time, Cos' they get in the mood same time

 30yrs old Anna and Lucy DeCinque Identical twins, who share basically everything together, sleeping same time, waking up same time, bath sametime have revealed including time in bed with their boyfriend, they proudly without shame said they sleep with him same time because they get sexual urge same time...

Man chops off his Own ears just to look like PARROTS

Ted Richards, 56, from Hartcliffe in Bristol, who has had his ears taken off so he can look more like his Parrot
A 58yr bold man named Bonkers Ted Richards man who spent over half of his life undergoing plastic surgery trying to look like his PARROTS has gone a step further and changed his name - to Mr Parrotman.

Transgender woman dies after buttock implant leaked out

Yessika Hilton, 25, who died after undergoing a clandestine plastic surgery operation in a garage in Colombia. The transgender woman had polymers injected into her buttocks, but during the injection the chemicals leaked and spread around her body, causing cardiorespiratory failure
Yessika Hilton a 25-year-old  young transgender woman who wanted a cheap illegal backstreet buttock implant surgery has died after the procedure failed..
her friends said Yessika  desperately wanted a more shapely rear butt but could not afford buttock implants from a professional clinic so she decided to for illegal sugery  in a garage in Colombia.

No Fear! See what an 8yr old boy did to Adele's face

The  boy did an Incredible face swap! Just the greatest have ever seen.. So real... but if she catch you>. me i no follow oh..

Wow! See throwback photo of Reekado Banks

Reekado Banks
Drastic change.. Oboy you cahnge oh!  His real name is Ayoleiyi Hanniel Solomon.. No one is ugly they are just broke.. lol

Woman who rushed to save her injured Boyfriend.. Got a very shocking surprise..

Bad Footballer! that man fell on the pitch by himself pretending to have been injured, then his Girlfriend with pure heart rushed to save her darling boyfriend, rather got an amazing surprise question.. ''Will do me the honor of becoming my wife''.. its so touching.. Everygirl's dreams..

I will not sit to see anyone disrespect Wizkid- Reekado Banks

Okay.. For some days now the internet as usual has been blasting Wizkid, by comparing Reekado banks and him.. But trust  ReeRee he doesn't support no nonsense..
read the message below..

Ladies why worry over a man you've got already

Is not me that wrote oh.. its Lynxxx.. trying to advice women.. read another below

See the best proposal of the year!

Bad Footballer! that man fell on the pitch by himself pretending to have been injured, then his Girlfriend with pure heart rushed to save her darling boyfriend, rather got an amazing surprise question.. ''Will do me the honor of becoming my wife''.. its so touching.. Everygirl's dreams..

Mariah Carey cancels 46th year Birthday concert due to terrorism attack

Fans are wailing after the Songbeauty cancelled her birthday concert in Belgium, due to fear of terrorism attack.. Mariah was scheduled to do a show there on Easter Sunday  which is also her 46th birthday  but she said that..

Omotola and hubby Anniversary celebration photos

If you think this anniversary celebration will be ending anytime soon.. then badnews for you. they just getting started.. Infact the juicy bed part you know is yet to begin..  Omotola  Just apologize to fans for her inconsistent on updating, due to the over enjoyment with hubby!!  with the photo above.. see caption below..
"Oh dear,so sorry haven't updated in a while, reading all your goodwill messages.To my wonderful colleagues, fans and of course family,  From #thecaptain and I, thank you"

See the throwback photo of Drake

Atleast You try fine! But that time he was still a virgin oh..

Friday, March 25, 2016

Heavily pregnant WHALE killed in Japan

Picture of a minke whale
According to the country’s Institute for Cetacean Research, it was an incredible moment On Wednesday asJapan killed 333 minke whales including more than 200 pregnant females as part of this year’s Antarctic whale hunt, four ships returned from their 115-day expedition to conduct “scientific” whaling activities. The successful hunt was later disregard by the International Court of Justice ruling that commercial whaling has been banned since 1986..

Moment of the day!

when you and your friends see a hot guy in public..

Over 13yrs in football Lionel Messi is yet to meet Obama

Football star Lionel Messi has not set his two naked eyes on United States President Obama in real life neither has he met the daughters..  it baffled me you know.. Obama who was recently in Argentina said his daughters can't wait to meet with the Barcelona star but that he had been unable to orchestrate it... then Messi said that

Jeeeeez! See what they did to US President Obama and wife Mitchelle

Jeeez! Thats too raw na.. they would have atleast sharpen it a little na.. Obama is till handsome..

When your Girlfriend dumps you for the boy you punished in Secondary School

lol! what could possibly cause this kind of cry..?

See the kind of Advice a woman gave to her son to win his Girlfriend

So its food you want him to use in getting her panties down abi? WE are watching..

See how this China woman photo-shopped herself to China

Very funny! Maybe China is her dream country.. more below..

They HATE me because am better than them- Diamond Platnumz babymama

Shes the babymama to Tanzanian singer  Diamond Platnumz... With the high range of haters.. am beginning to wonder who the really haters are.. 

Meet the goddess lady behind Genevieve magazine Betty Irabor

Just the best for today! 
 Photocredit: Busola Dakolo...

Nigeria vs Egypt match ends in 1-1 draw

The match was very hot, Nigeria scored early second half while Egypt scored In extra time, less than 2mins..   Naija take heart, 1-1 is better than loosing.. abi nor be so? The return match is to be played in Egypt..