Saturday, February 13, 2016

My wife constantly denys me of s8x...and i cant do without it

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We have been married for 10 years and have 3 kids. I trained her for her last 3 years in the university before we got married. I did all the spending for our marriage ceremony and gave her a Job also in the banking industry before she lost her job 3 years later during the melt down in the banking sector. She now working with a service provider company with a salary a little above =N=102,000.00 monthly.

I provide all that is needed to run the family without asking her for a penny till 9 months ago after I did a job with a government agency which my payment was delayed for 9 months. Before the delay of mypayment, I take the responsibly of her parents up keep.

Within the stressful nine months for me, I told her we needed to put heads together for the up keep of the family. For the 1st time in our marriage, we both contributed for the house rent and also made her pay for the children school fees totaling =N= 162,000.00. All these didn’t go down well with her.
With time she started disrespecting me and even talks any how to me, she wakes up in the morning not greeting me, goes out not informing me and she constantly refusing sex. We are always having quarrels here & there and I had slapped her on two occasions out of extreme annoyance. Later I begged for forgiveness for slapping her.

I had sat her down on many occasions to talk; her issue is that she feels I’m not doing enough to provide for the house again and also not doing enough to get my payments.  She told me if need be, let me borrow. She doesn’t like the fact that she is brings money. So she puts all kind of attitudes towards me. She kept telling her friends and family negative things about me. Her parents stop calling me because I no longer have to give them but the speck with her daily and never asked how I’m doing. I know these because I sit close to her when they call. They ask only about the kids. But it’s well.

When she is back from work daily, she start chatting with friends, she doesn’t talk to me, she deletes her chats on her phone immediately and when she is about going to bed, she offs her underwear drop it in the launder basket and go to bed. On a close watch, I found out that her underwear is freshly always wet anytime after the chats.

Her attitude towards sex has been nothing to write home about, this has also caused several quarrels at night, I practically have to beg her for sex and still no result. This terrible situation has caused me to masturbate on several occasions even before her in bed.

My patience over her sex state is expiring and I am at the brinks of searching for a mistress or more accommodating lady. She claims she does not find me attracted again. This is really affecting, I see myself getting close to another marriage.  I will not want to inform her parents before taken this step. I want to believe she married because I was able.  Now I have just been paid my outstanding money by government a week ago but she does not know.
What do I do please

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