Saturday, February 13, 2016

Alarambara returns to the airwaves

Alarambara, your favourite Yoruba radio drama series from Unilever Nigeria, makers of Sunlight detergent is back!!!
In episode one, Cut your coat according to your cloth, Bisi wants to "feel among" at the Local Government Chairman’s party, so she gets an "Aso-ebi" that she cannot afford. But Yawa come gas o! The trader traces her to Iya Alaje’s shop with a crowd of market women and they embarrass her in public.
In Episode two, Self-confidence, Anike, suspecting her husband is having an affair with a light skinned young lady, decides to bleach. She runs to Bisi for help to bleach her dark skin, but ends up doing temporary damage to her face. In both episodes, Sisi Oge steps in with sound advice and great tips on how to shine brightly, get confident and get the best from Sunlight detergent.

Nollywood star, Mosun Filani, returns as Sisi Oge, a mature, confident woman whose sensible advice helps keep her group of friends in one piece. The socialite Iya Alaje; Madam Wahala, Bisi; bodylicious Anike and the heavily-pregnant Iyawo, appear in typical everyday scenes, to show the day-to-day experiences of the Nigerian woman.

Open your homes to sunlight as Alarambara returns on Positive FM, Akure, Ondo State; Bond FM, Lagos; Unique FM, Osun State and OGBC 2, Ogun State. Other stations include Voice of Ekiti; Splash FM, Oyo state and Midland FM, Kwara.


See you then!


Check for local listings at www.facebook/SunlightNigeria

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